Come check out all the cool events we do throughout the year!

Lin’s BBQ

One of our first events of the year, the Lin family graciously invites CCF to their home, new members and old members alike. With good people and great food, it’s definitely going to be an amazing time!

Half Day of Prayer

Take a break from school with us to focus on your relationship with God! Every quarter, we make a trip to Montaña de Oro for half a day full of worship, prayer, and reflection. Rumor has it that we also hit up Giovanni’s for lunch.

Secret Santa

It’s that time of the year! Exchange gifts with our fellow brothers and sisters! Show off your unique and comfy pajamas! Get the noms and yums from our dessert potluck!

Dumpling Night

Do you want to learn how to make tasty and authentic dumplings from scratch? Find us during Dumpling Night, where we will teach you step-by-step how to make dumplings and where you can eat all the dumplings to your liking! If you stay long enough you might even witness our infamous dessert dumplings!

Spring Retreat

Join us in Spring Quarter as we (usually) hit up Whisper Canyon for a weekend long retreat! With awesome camp-made food, exciting activities, a special guest speaker, and luxurious yurts to live in, what’s not to like? They even have a zipline and a swimming pool!

Open House

Didn’t have enough dumplings at Dumpling Night? Come support our club at Cal Poly’s Open House, where we sell even more handmade dumplings just for you!

P&W Night

Prayer and Worship Night! While most of our meetings have prayer and worship, for this event we want to put a bigger emphasis and time commitment for prayer and worship. Occasionally, we might combine with other fellowships for an interfellowship prayer and worship night!

Open Sharing Night

We want to hear from you! During this time, we open the floor to our members because we want to hear what God has been doing through you and with you. Come hear awesome stories and talks from our very own CCF members!


No, silly! We are not sad. SAD stands for Sister’s Appreciation Day! Forge, our men’s ministry, hosts SAD every year so we can appreciate our lovely CCF sisters! Come and help us show our sisters how much we care about and treasure them!


We got you again! We are also not bad. BAD stands for Brother’s Appreciation Day! Beloved, our women’s ministry, hosts BAD every year so we can appreciate our wonderful CCF brothers. We hope to see you there so we can show the brothers how much we cherish them together!

Talent No Talent

TNT is the place where you can show off your talent, or even your lack of talent- all are welcome! We have TNT at the end of every quarter, so come for some laughs, more potluck, and fun times right before finals!

Want to join in on the fun?